Dean Bass Electirc Guitar w BONUS! Case, 1 DVD, 2 books, elec tuner, Stand,picks

Only $145.00
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You are bidding on a Dean Bass. It is used but in great condition. I bought this with every intention to learn how to play but never had time to do so. In the pictures you will see yellow Dymo (similar to P-touch) stickers on the fret board this is just to show where finger placement should go for what note. I will leave these on in case you are wanting to learn as they do come in handy or you can take them off  they peel very easy.

This auction comes with many many extras. Here are the following

Instructional DVD and books

Roadrunner soft case for the Bass

Guitar stand

Electric Tuner and metronome

Pink Floyd Strap

and Picks

Sorry no amp. The most expensive thing is the shipping due to the irregular size of the package. Thank you for looking. Good luck and happy bidding

Only $145.00
Buy with confidence