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About Taal Tarang Digital

Tarang Digital Power is the Best Electronic Tabla Available in the
World of Electronic Instruments for Indian Classical Music today. It
comprises of a number of Features & Additional Instruments for the
first time ever. It has an Unmatched Superior Tonal Quality (As Good as
an Original Tabla) which set it apart form its peers. It also comes in
with an Inbuilt Battery Box & Dual Power Mode. The Taal Tarang
Digital Power is Not only set to play the Tabla but also the Pakhawaj,
Dholak & the Duff. In all it has 24 Taals & 107 Thekas. That’s
not all, it Also has a Composer with Memory for your own Creations.

Taal Tarang Digital Power Features

Natural Tone: The
Taal Tarang Digital Power is equipped with the Natural Tone of a Tabla,
Pahhawaj, Duff & Dholak. This is the Primary feature of the
instruments which makes it an exceptional product among its peers. 

4 Unique Instruments in One: Taal
Tarang is the Only Instrument in the Market which offers Tabla,
Pahhawaj, Duff & Dholak; these Four Indian Classical Percussion
Instruments together. 

24 Taals & 107 Thekas: Taal
Tarang offers a wide range of Preset Taals and Thekas at the press of a
button for regular Practice. Teen Taal, Ek Taal, Rupak, Dadra are a few
to name. All Taals also come in with a variety of Theks. 

Universal Power Supply : Taal
Tarang’s In-built SMPS makes it possible to run the Instrument Anywhere
in the World with its Dynamic Input Power Range of 90V AC to 250V AC. 

Composer with Memory: The
Composer function of the Taal Tarang is one of its stand out features
which lets a User create their own Taal as per their requirements. This
is in addition to the 24 Taals & 107 Thekas present in the
instrument. The Memory function helps retain the your composition even
when the power is switched off. 

Digital Display: The
Taal Tarang is Equipped with a Digital Display Meter Which also Doubles
in as a Tayyari Meter for ease of Use & to help Students in keeping
up with the Taal’s Tempo & Cycle while Riyaz. 

Demo Mode: The in built Demo Mode of the Instrument Plays all selected Taals one after the another continuously for 1 avartan each. 

Laya – Dhruth, Madhya, Vilambit & Ati Vilambit: The
Taal Tarang is equipped to play a selected Taal in different Layas with
ease. This Laya setting is Independent of the Tempo setting that exist
in the Instrument. 

Pitch Range: Taal
Tarang is very Versatile when it comes to the Pitch Range. Its range is
from C to E of the 2nd Octave. This makes it Tune easily with any

Compact Size: Taal
Tarang Digital Power Scores Heavily on its overall Compact Size and
Volume. The Technical Specification of the same are given below. 

External Speaker Socket: The Electronic Tabla has an External Speaker Socket to Connect it to Bigger External Speakers if Necessary. 

Battery Operation: The Taal Tarang Digital becomes fully operational with 8 Pencil Cells (AA). 

In Built Battery Charger:
 The Taal Tarang Digital Power have one in-built Battery charger to charge the rechargeable cells.  
Package Contains

Electronic Tabla - Taal Tarang Digital Power
Co. Instruction Manual
Co. Carry Bag 
Mains Power Cord. Indian/Euro Style

of the actual product may be different from the displayed images. Buyer
from USA/UK has to Buy one Adaptor plug to operate the unit. 


Taal Tarang: 7 Inches * 4 Inches * 5 Inches.

The size is approximate.


Around 1 KG.

The weight is approximate.

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Only $150.00
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