Basic Native American Wooden Flute (Burning Apache) – Native American Flutes-

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 Coyote Arts for 2016

Basic Native American Wooden Flutes.

“Burning Apache” in the key of F

Wide Body Flute

A nice flute for self and small gatherings. Has mid tone voice

This flute uses a small breath to play 6 strong finger placement for tone control 

Great price for 2016 – 45.99 but I will take the first offer of 35.00 on this item until the end of March 2016


? Great for first time flute users or as you new seconded flute

? Easy to use and play with lite lip placement

? Comes ready to play

? Made for solid wood (Fir)

? Great sound and with dusky  cherry finish

These are basic Native American Wooden Flutes that can come
in number of kinds of woods – some are all are solid single woods – others are combinations
of different solid woods. Feel free to ask any question on this item or any
other item for sale at Coyote Arts. 

This item conforms to all international shipping regulations
and can be shipped worldwide. Made from “Common Pine Wood found in American”
and “non-endangered hides, such as American commercial cow rawhide” – this
item(s) meet all CITES.  (Convention on
International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora Rules).
Coyote Arts

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Arts™ Demo Spring 2016 full Length



Jon Powell ? Is Coyote Arts and the Artist know as Coyote Rising.


Arts Goal is to build some of the best handmade drums in the world, distinctive
in concept and design and stunning in art and beauty – drums that will find
life and lifetimes with owners worldwide. Coyote Arts Mission is to help people
in need, and promote education in connective to the Earth and self, and help
reduce suffering and the causes of homeless. Coyote Rising is the action of the
goals and mission of Coyote Art as witness in the arts works and
writings/photo/videos of Tracy Jon Powell. (Coyote Rising)


Drums and Rattles that will shake the world, long live the dream

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Only $45.00
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