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Legere  brand

 #3½ Reed

For Alto Saxophone


** NEW **


This is a “permanent” reed
made from a revolutionary new synthetic material.


The hardness of this reed is #3½,
suitable for an intermediate or better alto sax player.



Welcome to the hassle-free world

of Légère synthetic reeds.



Légère makes reeds for clarinet and saxophones.


Légère woodwind reeds are used
by some of best players in the world

to teach, perform, and record.


They are ready to play instantly,
so you can spend all your time playing.


They are very consistent, and always work,
even when your cane reeds won’t!


They are completely different from the plastic reeds
you may have tried before.


Légère reeds are made from a patented synthetic material

with the properties of moist cane.

They play like a good cane reed but last much longer.


Packaging note:
Legere has changed their packaging,
but you will be getting a genuine
Legere reed even if the package
does not match the photo.


The secret to the success of Légère Reeds

is a combination of a unique synthetic material,

 and meticulous computer controlled processing operations.   


Natural cane has a combination of high stiffness and low density

that is very difficult to duplicate in a synthetic.

It has a natural variation in these properties, that the manufacturers take advantage of

to produce reeds of different strength.

Cane reeds for a particular mouthpiece are generally made

with a single fixed profile, and then graded according to strength:

stiff cane produces “harder” reeds.


Légère has been able to duplicate this property variation in Légère material,

but since we control the material properties very precisely,

we can deliver reeds of consistent strength.


The bottom line: The performance of a vibrating reed

depends almost entirely on three material properties –

the modulus (material stiffness), the density, and the damping.


 For Légère unique material, these three properties

are virtually identical to those of cane in the playing condition.

This is why we have succeeded where others have failed.


 Who should use Légère reeds?


Well … we think just about anyone can benefit  from a consistent, high quality sound.


To be more specific, Légère reeds can be used:


By teachers, doublers, soloists: anyone that has to pick up an instrument and play on a moment’s notice.

In very dry, wet or cold weather: anywhere that causes problems for natural cane reeds.

By students: works the same every time.

By instructors/teachers: Imagine teaching a class in which every reed was in perfect playing condition!

As a backup reed: a reed you can count on for a clean precise sound and immediate response.

as your PRIMARY REED: the best reed in your case. It’s that good!



Caring For Your Légère Reed


Légère synthetic reeds are rugged and should last for many hours of playing.

With proper care and maintenance, your Légère reed should provide you with

months and months of playing pleasure.



One of the best features of a Légère reed is that it does not need to be moistened prior to playing.

It will warm up over the first few minutes, and should then be stable for an extended period.



The reeds should be cleaned periodically with water and a mild detergent.

Germicides such as Sterisol can be used to clean the reeds,

but you should not assume that such products will completely sterilize them.

As a precaution, we advise against sharing reeds or using reeds that have been played by others.  


The reeds should be stored on a flat surface, but not in a case which applies pressure to the reed tip.  


We do not recommend leaving Légère reeds on the mouthpiece.

Do not store your reeds in the original packaging.

Use a reed holder that keeps them against a flat surface such as glass, for maximum life.


Made in Canada.


Tampa Dave’s Endorsement

 I have used the same Legere reed since I first tried it several years ago.  

I get at least as good sound with the Legere as with a quality cane reed.
Listen to the samples at the Legere site if you don’t believe me.


When I get another reed, it will probably be 1/4 step harder.

The 1/4 step up is noticeably easier than 1/2 step.

The consistency of sound of the Legere is superb,
and for me it works to leave the reed on, this way I am more likely to have time
to pick up my clarinet and play for a couple of minutes.

I can’t do that with a cane reed. (I can’t leave it on the instrument or it warps,
and without a reed on it I can’t pick it up and play
when I only have a couple of minutes,
and with a cane reed, by the time the reed is wet my 2 mins is up).


Even a young student isn’t too likely to ruin it

(though nothing is fool-proof, given a sufficiently determined fool);
for a careful player it may last till you are ready to move up to a harder reed.


I have sold them for years, and have heard few complaints.

In spite of the high up-front price, you still get a lot of playing for the buck.


And reed prices have jumped in recent years, and will probably continue to rise,
bringing you even better cost savings from having a durable reed.


Regular Retail price for this quality reed is


as of January, 2010


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