Keyboard Sustain Pedal – For Casio, Roland, Yamaha

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Daphon Keyboard Sustain Pedal

The Daphon Sustain Pedal is a simple and robust keyboard sustain pedal (aka damper pedal) for electronic keyboards and synths. Suitable for any application requiring a "non-latching momentary switch". Basically meaning that when pressed and held, the pedal function is enabled.

Versatile – for use with many brands!
The Daphon Sustain Pedal features an in-built polarity switch to ensure compatibility with almost all brands of analog or electronic keyboards including CASIO, YAMAHA, KORG and ROLAND keyboards and synthesizers. If the switch happens to be in the wrong position for the particular brand, the pedal will function in the opposite way (when not pressed down it will sustain). Just flick the switch to reverse the function.


Polarity switch (suitable for all brands) Robust Build Non Slip base 190cm cord to 1/4" jack Dimensions: 25mm x 75mm x 100mm


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Only $24.99
Buy with confidence