Hammond – 11 Pin Leslie Leslie Controller – 715, 730, 860, for all 11 pin Leslie

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The Dr. Fishsticks 11 pin Leslie

For all 11 pin single  and dual channel Leslie models 

11 pin socket with a ¼ inch audio
input, and dual three speed footswitch is included.

If you are using a classic Hammond no
preamp is necessary., the Hammond’s hot output is perfect for the
Leslie. This includes all A, B, C, D, E, H, BA, B-2, C-2, B-3,
C-3, A-100 (any A in the 100 series), RT-3, M, M-2, M-3 and many
more! If you are using a modern keyboard you will need a good
preamp. I offer the ART tube MP for $40 extra, or you may have a
good preamp around. A mini mixer, a tube or solid state preamp,
anything to boost the signal, not sure if what you got will do it,
just ask, and I’ll help you figure it out.

This auction is for the controller with a foot switch.  If you need a preamp I highly recommend the ART tube MP, they are super cheap, high gain, have some tube tone, and work better than vintage preamps for the Leslie.    If you have a switch you want to use with it, you can ship it to me, I will rewire it and test it with the controller and ship them both back to you.

A dual version is available for $20 more, with that you can run two 11 pin Leslie’s from the same controller.

This is the most versatile way to use
your Leslie with the instrument and preamp of your choice.

Shipping is via medium flat rate USPS Box.   Sorry in advance to European customers, international shipping has gotten much more expensive, the shipping quote is for international postage only, no handling.

Thanks for your interest, any questions
feel free to ask.

Only $99.00
Buy with confidence